Monday, March 28, 2016

Opinion on “Veda Bhoogolamu” (వేద భూగోళము) by Dr S. Srikanta Sastri (1962)

Bramhasri Subraveti Thippa Josyulu
of Yadiki
(author of Veda Bhoogolamu)
Bramhasri Subraveti Thippa Josyulu of Yadiki has published under the name Vedic geography three volumes in Telugu till now. The first volume Virat-Swarupa-Vimarsana was published in 1940, the second volume Bramhanda-Bhuvana Kosa-Vimarsanam was published in 1952. The third part on Sahasrara was issued in 1962. Thus for nearly a quarter of century the author has been pursuing this line of investigation. In spite of old age and financial difficulties, the courage of conviction and motive impelled the author to achieve so far a portion of his contemplated scheme.

Sapta Dweepa Samudra
Tantric Chart
     The title Vedic Geography is apt to give a distorted notion of the contents of the volume. Under the heading Vedic he includes Puranas, Tantras, Dharma Sastras. It is not a geography in the ordinary sense. The whole cosmos (Macro-Cosma and Micro-Cosma) is compromised and naturally it required proficiency in exegetics, Astronomy, Ayurveda and all sciences and arts. The author mostly uses the Yajurveda Taittareya Sakha. 

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