Saturday, August 21, 2021

Prof. R. Chandraprakash's Review of "INDIAN CULTURE" (2021)

 Book Review 


Prof. R. Chandraprakash

Former Dean

University of Mysore


‘Indian Culture - A Compendium of Indian History, Culture and Heritage’


Dr. S. Srikanta Sastri

The people of this ancient country are shaped by high ideals. They exhibit their noble qualities in their work culture, speech, mental makeup, in commerce, in social intercourse and in political activities. If the national character is flawed, then the society rests on a bedrock of lies and deceit. - Dr. S. Srikanta Sastri.

Indian Civilization is the oldest living civilization in the world today. India is the land of religious churning. This land gave to the world - Vedas, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and innumerable other religious tenets. This land founded earlier to 3000 B. C. the world’s first universities of Taxila (Takshashila), Mithila, Sharada Peetha, Nalanda and others where scholars from the world came for intellectual enlightenment. However, geographically India, that is Bharat, today is a far smaller country than it was a millennia before. Its outer geographical contours have been dismembered and its national boundaries have been constantly reduced. For a millennia this land has been attacked and conquered by different races and its riches plundered over the centuries. A significant size of its population today belongs to different religious beliefs implanted here from foreign lands through forceful conversions.

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