Monday, May 9, 2016

Sir Brajendranath Seal - Architect of University of Mysore (Star of Mysore article)

Sir Brajendranath Seal - Architect of University of Mysore (Star of Mysore Newspaper Article)
Article in "Star of Mysore" Newspaper on Sir Brajendranath Seal - Second Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore and its chief architect.


  1. In the second photograph Sir.B.NM.seal is actually with the Yuvarja of Mysore, HH kanteerva Narasimharaja Wadiyar then pro-chancellor of the University. Incidentally convocations of the University used to be held at jagan Mohan palace in the early years.

  2. First picture cannot be a group photo of Vice Chancellors !

    Vice Chancellors of UOM till 1950 and some of them who are in the photo are :

    1.. H. V. Nanjundaiah, 1916–1920...... Second from Right.
    2. Brajendra Nath Seal, 1921–1929....Third from Right.
    3. E. P. Metcalfe, 1930–1937.. third from left.
    4. N. S. Subba Rao 1937–1942...... First from the left.
    5.E. G. McAlpine, 1942–1944.. first from right.
    6.T. Singaravelu Mudaliar, 1944–1946..... Not in the picture
    7.M. Sultan Mohiyuddin, 1946–1948..... Not in the picture
    8. R. Kasturi Raj Chetty, 1948–1950... second from the left.

    Since Sir BN Seal left in 1930 and died in 1938 he could not have been there in a group photo wherein hid many successors are present.

    Obviously it was taken when Sir BN Seal took over from Sri. HV Nanjundiah in 1921 and others were working in UOM at that time.

  3. Even my above surmise is wrong. First Vice Chancellor Sri. H.V.Nanjundaiah died in office in 1920. As such this picture could only have been taken before that, probably when Sir. Brajendranath visited Mysore for some other reason.

    1. Dear Sir,

      I have sourced my information from the Mysore University Silver Jubilee Souvenir from 1940. I fully accept my error in wrongly identifying the Maharaja accompanying Seal in the convocation ceremony.

      However, I have scanned the pages from the souvenir showing the following:

      1) the photograph of vice Chancellors
      2) The legend to that photograph.

      Sadly, there is no specification as to the year in which the photograph was taken. It could have been anytime..!! One can only guess.

      I am willing to email you these scanned pages as proof of my reference if you kindly suffice me with your email i.d. Thanks.

      Looking forward to your reply,
      With Best Regards